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General tutorials to help feed your curiosity.


Tutorial NameSummaryLink
Tutorial - Generate a key and create a developer Testnet accountCreate your personal Ultra Testnet account to interact with the blockchainLink
Tutorial - Setup the Ultra WalletLearn how to use our Ultra Wallet extension and set it upLink
How to get TokensHow to get tokens for interactions on the testnetLink
How to read the Block ExplorerLearn how to use our block explorer for reading dataLink
How to get RAMUse this tutorial to get RAM on the Testnet for your accountLink
How to make a REST RequestLearn how to use various Ultra API endpoints to consume data for your applicationLink


Tutorial NameSummaryLink
Vite, Vue and Ultra WalletLearn how to build a basic web application with vite, vue, and the ultra wallet.Link

Smart Contracts

Tutorial NameSummaryLink
Build Smart ContractsLearn how to build your first smart contract utilizing C++ that compiles into WebAssembly on Ultra.Link

Uniq Factories

Tutorial NameSummaryLink
Build a Uniq FactoryLearn how to build a uniq factory using Ultra's NFT smart contractLink
Uniq AvatarsLearn how to manage your uniq avatar as a userLink


Tutorial NameSummaryLink
Learn the BasicsA basic guide on spinning up a local chain, and interacting with your own instance of our blockchainLink
Docker ContainerLearn how to use our development docker containerLink
Create a Test Network AccountLearn how to create a test network account on Ultra's Test NetworkLink
Get Test Network TokensLearn how to obtain test network tokensLink