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Signing a Message

In some cases, a web application can also request the user to sign a given message to verify the ownership of a blockchain account. Applications are free to write their messages which will be displayed to users from within the Ultra Wallet's signature prompt using the method signMessage(). These messages should have one of the next prefixes: 0x, UOSx, or message:.

Message signatures do not involve network fees.

try {
  const response = await ultra.signMessage("message:This is a test message");;
  // SIG_K1_KXuKhsxcdDTKuMbo2kveKsggwUfV9p5FuPsirkFcjjQo2sxUvxcc1TEnkoancsWTf6SEHj1jMjB9e6GuRkg6ZrEvV5tHa8
} catch (err) {
  // { status: "error", message: "Transaction declined" }

If the user declines the message signing or closes the window, the Promise will return an error.