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Using the Ultra Unreal Subsystem

Example Project

We've put together an example project which illustrates the expected flow. You can grab the example project here.


You'll need a client_id for this. To get one, you can request one directly from Ultra.


To configure Ultra's Unreal Online Subsystem, you need to edit the DefaultEngine.ini:

DefaultPlatformService=Ultra ; Set OnlineSubsystemUltra as default online subsystem

; Authentication
ClientId="XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX" ; Mandatory - The Client Id given by Ultra
DispatcherUrl="" ; Optional - The dispatcher URL (default:
AuthenticationUrl="" ; Optional - The openid authentication URL (default:
bUseBrowser=false ; Optional - If true, the browser will be launched to prompt the user credentials otherwise the 'ApplicationProtocol' will be used to handle the login (default: false)
ApplicationProtocol=ultra ; Optional - If set to "ultra", the Ultra launcher will be called to login the user (default: ultra)


const IOnlineIdentityPtr IdentityInterface = Online->GetIdentityInterface();
FDelegateHandle Handle;
IdentityInterface->AddOnLoginCompleteDelegate_Handle(UserIndex, FOnLoginCompleteDelegate::CreateLambda([IdentityInterface, Handle](int32 LocalUserNum, bool Success, const FUniqueNetId& UserId, const FString& Error)
  IdentityInterface->ClearOnLoginCompleteDelegate_Handle(LocalUserNum, Handle);
  FString Nickname = IdentityInterface->GetPlayerNickname(LocalUserNum);
  // do something