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Declaring a Game

Game developers often have more than one game under their belt and for that reason, we organised Ultra’s GDC in such a way that each game has its own “publishing environment” where you conveniently can set everything related to that particular game such as:

  • The game's store page
  • Game file management
  • Game uniq factories
  • Game SDK functionalities


A View of the Game Dev Center

Declaring a new game is as easy as pressing the 'Create a new game' button and giving it a name. However, don’t worry, your game won’t be visible to the public unless you publish your game store page.

Filling out the Store Page

Before you are able to make your game visible to end-users, you will need to at least publish the store page. In order to do this, all of the necessary details and assets required must be filled out. If anything that is required is missing, you will not be able to publish the game store page.

As the Store Page and it's sub-sections are self-explanatory, we will not go into detail about them, however, there are a few points that are worth pointing out:

  • You can preview how your game's store page will look once published at any time, even if the page is not finished yet. Simply click on "Preview" on the bottom left corner.
  • All of the details and assets under this section can be editted even after the page has been published.
  • When the page is already published, any new changes need to be saved and then published. Just saving a change won't make it visible to users.
  • Youtube links need to be a full length URL, i.e., and not